PETISAR PROCESS IRIDIUM Sulfur being processed to gold High Spin Gold Crystals Transmuted from Water PETISAR


Primary Energy Transmutation by Induced Sub Atomic Resonance


Rhodium: elements of the process


In this photograph can be seen crystals of Iridium in its nuclear high spin state.

Sulfur being processed to gold

Sulfur after it was treated by the PETISAR system. After analyzing with a XRF spectrometer it was gold.

PETISAR Mining boosts the productive chain of Gold through joint ventures and implementation of projects with the use of our developed PETISAR technology to capture very small precious metal particles with sizes of 10 micron or more.


PETISAR is an acronym for Primary Energy Transmutation by Induced Sub Atomic Resonance.  This technology has been successfully used for the transmutation of mine tailings to precious metals on a commercially viable scale.

Three divisions

  • R&D team  who have developed the PETISAR mine ore processing tunnel which  can improve the yield on capturing small particles of free PGM (platinum group of metals)
  • Processing of mine ore and tailing
  • Processing and sales of the precious metals

What are we looking for

  • To identify mining companies to promote our developed PETISAR processing tunnel
  • Initiating a sustainable and productive chain
  • To process and export PGM at a fair trade price with certification.